Alejandro Cabrera

  Professor Titular-Livre – Área: Geometria Diferencial
(Full Professor in Mathematics – Differential Geometry)

Departamento de Matemática, Instituto de Matemática
 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, Brasil

Sala: CT - Bloco C – sala 125C

Geometria 2 / Geometria Não Euclidiana
Fundamentos de Geometria

My research focuses on developments of differential geometry, both theoretical and with applications, in particular, to mathematical physics.
My topics of research include symplectic and Poisson geometry, Lie theory of algebroids and groupoids, as well as their many applications to quantization, (quantum) field theories and geometric mechanics.

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[curriculo Lattes (Br)]
[El País] An article about applying in gymnastics some geometric formulas I derived.
[simulações IC] Umas simulações obtidas em projetos de Iniciação Científica (some simulations obtained in student projects).
[Seminário simplético do Rio] Rio's Symplectic seminar.

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  25. ------------ (other preprints:)
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