Próximos eventos no IM


Data: 10/08/2017
Hora: 12:00
Local: Sala C116

Titulo: Estabilidade não linear de soluções breather de Gardner.

Palestrante: Miguel Alejo (UFSC- Departamento de Matemática)

Resumo: Nesta palestra mostrarei como generalizar os resultados obtidos para a estabilidade não linear de breathers da equação modificada de KdV, no caso dos breathers da equação de Gardner, usando fortemente o carácter integrável da equação e obtendo a caracterização variacional dos mesmos.


Data: 09/08/2017
Hora: 15:30
Local: LSE, sala I-044b (subsolo)

Título: Merger Employment Effects in Private Higher Education

Palestrante: Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro (IE/UFRJ)

Resumo: Brazil has a dual higher education market with the coexistence of public no-tuition institutions and private tuition-funded enterprises. About 3/4 of enrollments are in private higher education institutions (HEI). Still heavily regulated, since the market liberalization in 1997, private institutions can merge and acquire (M&A) other private HEI. We provide an overview of the recent growth of this sector and the significant role of mergers and aquisitions. We show that entry rates are small and fastest growing HEIs exploited M&A extensively. We evaluate the effects of mergers on employment. Using Difference-in-Difference analysis, we estimate smaller faculty size and a proportional to a reduction in enrollment after a merger, on average.

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