Seminário: Análise/EDP

Segue as informações da próxima palestra do Seminário de Análise/EDP, que acontecerá na próxima quarta-feira.

Palestrante: Sorin Micu – Universidade de Craiova (Romênia)

Data: 27/01/2016 (quarta feira)
Hora: 13:30 h
Local: B-108

Title: Stabilization of a Boussinesq system with localized damping

Abstract: A family of Boussinesq systems was proposed by J. L. Bona, M. Chenand,  J.-C. Saut to describe the two-way propagation of smallamplitude gravity waves  on the surface of water in a canal. Our work considers a class of these Boussinesq systems which couples two Benjamin-Bona-Mahony type equations posed on a bounded interval. We study the stabilization of the resulting system when a localised damping term acts in one equation only. By means of spectral analysis and eigenvectors expansion of solutions, we prove that the energy associated to the model converges to zero astime goes to infinity. Also, we address the problem of unique continuation property for the corresponding conservative system.

Página do seminário:

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