Seminário: Análise/EDP (16/03/16)

A próxima palestra do Seminário de Análise/EDP acontecerá na próxima quarta-feira. Segue, abaixo, todas as informações. 

Palestrante: Mahendra Panthee (Unicamp)

Data: 16/03/2016 (quarta feira)
Hora: 13:30 h
Local: C-116

Título: Well-posedness for multicomponent Schrödinger-gKdV systems and stability of solitary waves with prescribed mass

Resumo: In this talk we discuss the well-posedness issues of the associated initial value problem, the existence of nontrivial solutions with prescribed L^2 -norm, and the stability of associated solitary waves for two classes of coupled nonlinear dispersive equations. The first model describes the  nonlinear interaction between two Schrödinger type short waves and a generalized Korteweg-de Vries type long wave and the second one describes the nonlinear interaction of two generalized Korteweg-de Vries type long waves with a common Schrödinger type short wave. The results here extend any of the previously obtained results for two-component coupled Schrödinger-Korteweg-de Vries systems.

This is a joint work with Adan Corcho and  Santosh Bhattarai

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