Renato Ferreira de Velloso Vianna

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Current Semester

Complex Functions/Complex Analysis

Previous Semesters

Symplectic Geometry Fall/2021

Algebraic Topology - Fall/2021

Calculus II - Spring/2020 (Unified)

Calculus II - Fall/2020 (Unified)

Symplectic Geometry Fall/2020

Calculus II - PLE (Unified)

Calculus II - Fall/2019 (Unified)

Calculus II - Spring/2019

Calculus II - Spring/2019 (Unified)

Calculus II - Fall/2018

Algebraic Topology - Fall/2018


  • Low-area Floer theory and non-displaceability (Preprint) -- to appear in Journal of Symplectic Geometry
  • Continuum families of non-displaceable Lagrangian tori in (ℂℙ^1)^2m (Preprint) -- to appear in Journal of Symplectic Geometry
  • Geometry of symplectic flux and Lagrangian torus fibrations (Preprint)
  • Asymptotic behavior of exotic Lagrangian tori T_{a,b,c} in ℂℙ2 as a+b+c→∞ (Preprint)

Curriculum vitae

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Supervisions -- Masters:

  • Karina Livramento dos Santos (UFRJ -- in progress)
  • Gabriel Alves (UFRJ -- in progress)

Supervisions -- PhD:

  • Eddy Santiago Achig Andrango (IMPA -- in progress) [co-orientation with prof. Vinicius G. Ramos (IMPA)]

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