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18 04 IM ProbabilitySeminar noticiaTitle: Structural results for the Tree Builder Random Walk

Speaker: Giulio Iacobelli (IM-UFRJ)

Monday, June 17, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Rio de Janeiro local time)

This meeting will take place at room C116 - Bloco C - CT – Instituto de Matemática – UFRJ. 

Abstract: The Tree Builder Random Walk (TBRW) is a randomly growing tree built by a walker as it walks around the tree. At each time n, the walker adds a leaf to its current vertex with probability p_n and then moves to a uniform random neighbor on the possibly modified tree. When p_n= n^{-\gamma} with \gamma\in (2/3,1], we show that the tree process at its growth times can be coupled to be identical to the Barabási-Albert (BA) preferential attachment model. The coupling also implies that many properties known for the BA-model, such as diameter and degree distribution, can be directly transferred to our TBRW-model. 

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Organizers: Giulio Iacobelli and Maria Eulalia Vares